What We Do
Managing corporate telecom expenditures is anything but simple. It requires processes, knowledge and expertise to effectively control thousands of invoices spanning millions of pages and a multitude of vendors, in a rapidly changing environment. Through utilization of our proprietary platform, we transition clients from this inefficient state to one that is actively managed, bringing visibility, control and clarity.
Sydian is telecom simplified,
with no upfront costs, our performance based solution delivers results:

Paper InvoicesElectronic Data

  • Technical terminology that is incomprehensible
  • Thousands of paper invoices arriving each month
  • Millions of pages
  • Multiple Vendors
  • We convert all invoices to electronic files which are processed by our platform

Invoice ApprovalInvoice Compliance

  • Manual review and authorization
  • No clear process for approval
  • Cursory review of information
  • Lack of validation of charges to contracted rates
  • Billing errors are missed
  • Validation of charges to contract rates
  • Identification of billing errors and discrepancies

Invoice ProcessingUploading of Files

  • Manual GL allocation of charges
  • Time consuming data entry
  • Possibility of entry errors
  • Inability to deal with claims prior to payment
  • Lack of consistency across vendor invoices
  • All charges correctly allocated
  • Identical files for all vendors
  • Active claims management

Usage AnalysisException Reporting

  • Limited manual review of monthly usage
  • Platform driven exception reporting identifying nonconforming usage
  • Active monthly management of usage trends
  • Realignment within contract parameters
  • Maintaining an optimized telecom state

ProcurementActive Procurement

  • Negotiations with limited market knowledge
  • Contract review upon expiration of current agreement
  • Limited Telecom Network usage & requirements data
  • Targeted concessions based on detailed usage analysis
  • Regular review & realignment of contract based on market rates
  • Current listing of Network inventory & utilization

Expense VisibilityManagement Reporting

  • Limited visibility into telecom expense details
  • Detailed monthly reporting of all telecom usage and cost data
  • Summary and delta information, with drill down capabilities
  • Full visibility for all stakeholders allowing strategic planning, accurate budgeting & expense control
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